Power, Public Accountability, and a Leadership Opportunity at the University of Toronto

  1. Background on the University of Toronto censure. I didn’t know what censure was either. You should. You’ll likely be grateful, as I am, for the Canadian Association of University Teachers and the broader academic community’s recent actions. They have organized to stand up and call out what the University of Toronto has done wrong in terms of academic freedom, human rights, and governance. It matters to everyone. It matters particularly to those of you living in Toronto. When institutions operate in our names, which the University of Toronto does, we have a shared obligation to either admit we allow it or challenge it. I don’t believe most people in Toronto would be comfortable with what the University of Toronto has done in their names, if they knew about it. We need to hold it accountable.
  2. Power, Public Accountability, and Public Sector Leadership. A few reasons that the University of Toronto can and should change its path. The main things that keep me troubled about this, particularly in this political moment.
  3. Most important part: a request for you to support the CensureUofT campaign by writing a letter to the president of the University, Meric Gertler — president @ utoronto. ca — And a request to talk to anyone about the censure — friends, family, community groups you’re part of, city councillors. write about it. share information about it. follow the campaign on twitter to stay up to date on articles, news, actions, pledge signing, etc.
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